Nannbenda Review


With Nannbenda, Udhayanidhi Stalin completes his comedy trilogy with Santhanam playing his close buddy. After the runaway success of “Oru Kal Oru Kannadi” and a decent outing with “Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal”, “Nannbenda” is the third film from him that fails to impress largely. “Nannbenda” touted to be a romantic comedy entertainer is a bland rom-com from debutant Jagadeesh with an uninspiring presentation. Produced by Udhayanidhi himself under the banner of Red Giant Movies, the film features Nayanthara as the female lead supported by Santhanam, Motta Rajendran, Karunkaran and has music by Harris Jayaraj. Can Udhayanidhi be lucky the third time? Read On..

To start with Nannbenda, the film revolves around Udhayanidhi, Santhanam, Karunkaran who are childhood friends. While on of them becomes a police officer, the other is working in a star hotel. Our hero Udhayanidhi is jobless and one fine day he meets Nayanthara and falls in love the moment he sees her. Rest of the story, much like “OK OK” and “IKK”, is how Udhayanidhi tries to woo his lady love with the help of his close friend Santhanam. While doing so, they get into a regrettable trouble. Will the hero make the heroine fall for him? Will Udhayanidhi and Santhanam manage to get out of their sticky situation? This forms the crux of the thin storyline with generous dose of brainless humour.

Director Jagadeesh makes an abysmal start as there is too much happening in the film. But only little to keep you interested. The trouble with Nannbenda is that it lacks a basic storyline and took the audience for granted. The film has no real script to speak of, at the best a skeletal plot. The screenplay goes from one unexciting gag to another.  The wafer-thin storyline and an unimaginative screenplay makes the movie quickly go downhill in the second half and unbelievably bad towards the end. The first half of the film somehow works in parts in favour of the film and then an interval twist sets up the stage. But right there when we expect the real serious plot to kick start, we are been introduced to a stupid flashback and the joke is on the audience, the second half of the film falls flat and at the end we wonder what was the story all about. Director Jagadeesh disappoints with his script!

When it comes to performance, the saviours of the movie are Santhanam and Nayanthara. Santhanam managed to pull off some soul-less dialogues with his timing and antics that otherwise would have been a disaster. Santhanam’s presence is inevitable in all Udhayanidhi movies with not much change in his role or characterization.  Though he does have his moments in Nannbenda, the comedy seems to be forced at few places, many of the scenes greatly exaggerated. Udhayanidhi shares his best chemistry with Santhanam and looks to be more comfortable playing the happy-go-lucky guy, he has certainly managed to improve in his dance and dialogue deliveries. Nayanthara’s character appears to have the commanding presence when she shares screen space with Udhayanidhi. She looks stylish, sensational and has given an impressive performance once again in yet another weakly written character and added to the feel-good aspect if there was any.  Karunakaran & Motta Rajendran also managed to do their part decently. And then we have Tammannah and Sherin doing cameos with no great significance.

Music by Harris Jayaraj is the only silver lining of the film as he has made it quite pleasant and the film has a couple of beautiful melodies like ‘Enai Marubadi Marubadi‘ & ‘Oorellaam Unnai Kandu‘ that have been filmed in some exotic locations.  The placement of the songs, however, does leave much to be desired. Visually, the film is quite appealing and cinematographer Balasubramaniem has captured few beautiful moments with his camera. Editing by Vivek could have been a lot better as some of the scenes hampered the movie’s pace and made it hardly engaging.

If you are looking for another Oru Kal Oru Kannadi, this is not even half of it, if you thought this film could be better than Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal, then again you are wrong, the screenplay is so poorly written that you will start walking out of the theatre if you don’t have the patience. If not for Harris Jayaraj’s songs, Nayanthara and few comcial scenes of Santhanam, “Nannbenda” would have ended up as the worst comedy entertainer. Director Jagadeesh made this film with absolutely no story but atleast the screenplay should have been tighter and interesting which he failed to do. The reputation of Udhayanidhi Stalin as producer is kept intact but when when it comes to playing the lead hero, the choice of subjects, the regular pleasure and quality in the screenplay of Udhayanidhi films are deteriorating with each film. Hope this will be the end to his comedy entertainers. 

My Rating – 2.5 / 5