Kaaki Sattai Review


A collage of action, songsromance, sentiments, drama and comedy has always been a safe bet for Tamil Cinema for commercial flicks. With Sivakarthikeyan at the helm of affairs, the mass commercial cocktail straightaway should be sticking to our heart. The ‘Ethir Neechal‘ team is back again to offer us a cop story to narrate the life of Madhimaran. After having done plenty of comic roles in the past, Sivakarthikeyan takes a brave decision by coming out of his comfort zone to mature as a mass hero and Kaaki Sattai is a film that depends on his presence and strengths solitarily. Produced by Dhanush – Madan and directed by Durai Senthilkumar, the film has young sensation Anirudh scoring the music. Does the film satisy you in all respects? Read on..

Kaaki Sattai is a predictable tale of a simple and sincere policeman Madhimaran alias Sivakarthikeyan who lives his life happily. In an interesting turn of events, Sivakarthikeyan is eventually challenged by his higher official Prabhu to take his job seriously for once and there is where Kaaki Sattai begins. Smuggling of human organs has been displayed in few movies before but what makes Kaaki Sattai unique is that Sivakarthikeyan tries to dig deep into the dreary world of illegal organ donation trade when he has limited powers in his hand. Will he be able to confront the man behind such illegal business is what the rest of the story follows. In short Kaaki Sattai is a cop’s rage for justice.

Director Durai Senthilkumar showcased his talents through Ethir Neechal which was a striking debut that was highly appreciated. Now he decided to take a different route but yet the same old tried and tested path of Tamil Cinema to show us Sivakarthikeyan in a cop avatar for the first time which fails to keep the audience hooked for most part of the movie. Screenplay is so ordinary that it lets the entire movie down. The writing of Durai looks interesting on paper but poorly put together on screen. The first half is a good fun ride that goes with usual commercial elements more or less on the light side with a solid interval rain fight sequence, however, in the second half, the narration keeps plodding with the interactions between the villain and hero getting a bit drab and seem to drag on. There is not much of an intelligence displayed by the hero to counter the villain except in the climax. Few punch dialogues do put a smile on our face but that alone doesn’t make a big difference. There are some distractions via Manobala, who is absolutely unnecessary in some of the scenes, some of the comedies looks outdated-forced and doesn’t really evoke laughter. Durai seems to be self-confused on how to take forward the story he has written. Should it be humorous or completely serious, it is very obvious that he has altered a few things before the film got changed from a Dhanush to Sivakarthikeyan movie but this thing completely ruins the plot and treatment.

Coming to the cast, Sivakarthikeyan has done a one man show in Kaaki Sattai. With Kaaki Sattai, Sivakarthikeyan materializes to a full-fledged mass hero. He has worked on his dance skills and stunts profoundly and he does have an undeniable mass appeal. It is a treat to watch his stylish looks backed by excellent dialogues. The actor looks young and energetic in the role of a policeman. Especially, his suave looks in songs and the rain stunt sequence interval block will get a huge round of applause. His maturity is contrast comparing his previous films and has improved his sluggish body language which lagged in his previous movies and brings the majestic feel of a policeman. That said there is enough scope for the actor to improve his comic sense. Imman Annachi is his usual self, the friendly man you want to have with sly ideas, one liner and what not. Veteran Prabhu comes out with a neat performance followed by Yog Japi and Vidyulekha who did their part perfectly. Much like Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam, Sri Divya has good importance in the film but her role carries less weight otherwise looks pretty with her girl-next-door looks and has performed adequately. Sridivya looks clean, pretty and sweet in looks and acting wise. Vijay Raaz plays a perfect baddie and is menacing with his subtle acting.

Observing the technicalities, Anirudh’s music is the major backbone of the film. Anirudh’s background score keeps the momentum going; his songs are wonderfully captured, however, a couple of songs are totally out of sync. The Kattikida song is by far the best kuthu song from Anirudh that makes you jump and scream. M.Sukumar’s cinematography stands out as he has managed to make use of the colors brilliantly. His cinematography reflects the mood of each and every scene which is a huge plus point. Editing by Viek Harshan could have better. The VFX looks pretty decent and overall the film looks rich with great production values.

On the whole Kaaki Sattai is a film from Durai who has concocted and packaged his masala contents in the wrong proportions and has served a half baked dish. Had the screenplay been sharpened with more raciness / seriousness in the second half and avoided a few old-pattern cliched scenes, Kaaki Sattai would have been a real great film to watchout for. Watch Kaaki Sattai if you look for simple entertainers and if you dont mind seeing an unabsorbing presentation.

My Rating – 2.5 / 5