Naaigal Jaakirathai review


There have been sufficient number of tamil films predominantly in the 80s and 90s where we have seen an aesthetic bond between the protagonist and an animal beautifully manifested in celluloid. Further in the last decade, the number of films based on animals or dogs in particular have faded away into obscurity for a number of reasons. But to recompense the dog-lovers and movie buffs, making an impressive debut with Naanayam, director Shakti Soundar Rajan is back with his second outing titled Naaigal Jaakirathai with Sibiraj in lead again. Produced by Sathyaraj, the film has Idoh, a Belgian Shepherd dog in a pivotal role and Arundhati as the female lead. The music which is composed by by Dharan has editing done by Praveen K.L and cinematograhy by Nizar. Does the film satisfy you in all respects? Read On..

Story : The story revolves around a honest cop – Sibiraj with his military trained dog – Idoh and a group of gangsters with the women abduction as the central theme of the plot. One fine day,  Sibiraj’s wife Arundhati is kidnapped by the hooligans and how Sibiraj tries to rescue his wife with the help of his latest best friend Idoh – the dog is what Naaigal Jaakirathai in brief. Who are those gangmates, why did they kidnap Sibiraj’s wife and will Sibiraj save his wife or not sums up the rest of the story narrated in a predicable yet a decent way with some little surprises sprayed into it.

Director Shakti Rajan offers us a story which is wafer-thin but it is the characterisations of Sibiraj, Idoh, the little suspenses and compact narration which guarantees maximum thrill and excitement throughout the film. The film has a very good concept which is innovative and kudos to the director for having chosen a plot not often dealt with in Tamil cinema, and getting a cast that’s almost done justice to it. He has incomparably potrayed the cute and vigorous relationship of a dog and the hero in style with an emotional connect. Also he needs to be appreciated for not keeping over-the-top love episodes and deviate from the core plot. But coming to the execution of the thin storyline, the film could have been much better with enhanced relatable sub-plots and detailing.

Coming to the cast, Sibiraj looks cool, suave and trendy. Thanks to costume designer, Sibiraj sports rich suits and colourful attires. He shoulders a major burden with ease in the film especially in the second half of the film. Sibiraj fits into the role of tough cop aptly and he is always on the run to nab the culprits. Having done intense roles in Lee and Naanayam, an image make-over for the actor indeed, who seems to have utilised this opportunity well in Naaigal Jaakirathai. Idoh, the dog that actually steals the show with its impeccable performance onscreen right from the first frame till the end. The camaraderie that both Sibiraj and Idoh share looks fun and much veritable and brilliant. Arundhati as Sibi’s wife is adequate but rest of the cast don’t make a great impression either. The villains played by Prinz Nithik and Balaji Venugopal were too loud and being cinematic towards the end which looked a bit silly though they tried their best.

Music is a huge must for action thrillers and Dharan does his part to perfection and he an important asset to the film. His songs don’t unnecessarily spoil the flow of narration whereas his background score is pulsating and adds more strength to the film and elavates the atmosphere to the fullest. Nizar Shafi, the man behind the lens has done a good job and editing by Praveen KL is another highlight, he keeps the running time of the film crisp well around 2 hours and makes it with sharp cuts. The stunts staged were done effectively.

Coming to the drawbacks, in the the film the relationship between the lead pair that they share is not clearly told and was established in a weird manner. The reason for the abductors to kidnap some women in the city is not known evidently and with no criminal background in the investigation process, the gangsters continue their menaces easily which leaves a lot to be desired. There are hardly any powerful dialogues that can be recollected and the detailing of rest of the supporting cast looks mediocre. Director Shakti could have done much better with his good script, had he concentrated more on these minor flaws, the film would have been nothing short of a perfect taut thriller.

Nevertheless, the film is watchable for Sibiraj’s good comeback along with Idoh’s emotional act, its his show all the way and of course for the firm narration. Naaigal Jaakirathai tries to bark at its prime level.

My Rating – 2.75/5