Sigaram Thodu Review


We have seen countless films in the past that have been inspired by true events – some which are based on sweet incidents and some of course which deals with bitter ones. But it is a rarity in Tamil Cinema wherein filmmakers have explored the real life scams to show it on big screen with a lot of realism to it in a well packaged entertainer. Well, Sigaram Thodu is that film which bestows upon the ATM scam that is one of the smouldering issues in our country. Sigaram Thodu is a fast paced gripping crime story about Bank ATM robbery scam as the central plot laced with Father-Son sentiment, comedy & romance by an authenticity. The film which is produced by UTV Motion Pictures has music by D.Imman and director Gaurav at the helm.

The story of the film is very interesting. Vikram Prabhu’s wish is all about pursuing a job as a Bank Manager in a company and settle in life without problems but his dad – Sathyaraj who is in the police department wants his son to take up Police training and dreams to see him as a respected police officer. In the intervening period, two hooligans are seen robbing money from ATM centres and these culprits escape everytime they get caught. On a vacation trip, Monal Gajjar falls for Vikram Prabhu after Vikram’s friend Sathish messes up. But Monal does not want Vikram to turn cop, so is Vikram Prabhu going to pay heed to his dad or his girlfriend? Are the culrprits getting confronted or not forms the crux of the plot.

Direction : Director Gaurav made a decent debut few years ago with Thoonga Nagaram and after a long hiatus, he has made a solid comeback through this film. Diretor’s vision is clearly visible to the audience, it is fresh and very sincere effort and he executes the story in an intelligent methodology. The smart script writing and tremendous research to showcase the frauds happening and ATM robbery scams with a lot of authenticity and minuscule detailing is praiseworthy. Characterization and crucial sequences staged are well done. Kudos to him. On the other hand, he excels as an actor as well. He comes as the unsparing villain and his performance is good right from the beginning to the end. Will he continue to act as baddy?

Coming to Vikram Prabhu, he is quite proficient in picking up the right scripts that suits him well. After convincing roles in Ivan Vera Mathiri and Arima Nambi, he goes up the next level as a star. Vikram Prabhu as the happy-go-lucky lovable guy in the first half and fierce police officer in the second half is very enjoyable and significant to the storyline. He is charming, fit and most importantly he comes out of his comfort zone and shows some variety. The dance, the fight and emoting well in some important scenes are noticeable. Monal Gajjar makes a nice debut, her chemistry with Vikram is fine but however, she gets minimal scope given a limited role. The seasoned Sathyaraj, who has been seen in a number of films recently, has yet again given an impressive performance as father. He is patient, understanding and trusts Vikram Prabhu always as the caring son. Sathish and Erode Mahesh bring the roof down with their one liners. KS Ravikumar makes a buoyant cameo and makes his presence felt.

The film is technically rich and stands tall with D.Imman’s songs being very impressive on the big screen, beautifully shot and the ‘Takku Takku’ is pure innovative stuff with the help of VFX elements added to it. The background score is very vibrant and pulsating, especially in the second half and elevates the mood of the film. Vijay Ulaganath’s top angle camerawork is spot on. He should be complimented on the handling of the camera and lighting. It requires a special kind of technique and lighting for shooting films of the this genre. He has essayed his role well and enhanced the film especially during the action shots and dimly lit night sequences. Editing by Praveen is crisp, edit cuts were adequate though a song as interlude actually proved a spoil sport and barring few shots, one would hardly see any dull moment.

On the downside, the film being a regular fare, the director has taken some liberties in logics that goes for a toss like the climax that becomes melodrmatic and predictable and compromising in commercial respects, little flaws here and there but those can be easily overlooked with a solid presentation and a message that gets conveyed which the director delivers it in right amount. Gaurav makes it a racy commercial entertainer with equal doses of action, love, comedy and sentiment working perfectly. The film surely keeps you hooked till the end and for UTV, it should be a stronghold – comeback victory!

My rating : 3.25/5