KTVI / Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam REVIEW

Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam Movie Stills (16)

Actor cum director Parthiban has imparted quite a good number of unparalleled films of his own style and making like Pudhiya Paadhai, Housefull and Kudaikul Mazhai in the past. After a brief hiatus, R.Parthiban is back with “Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam” who has made a splendid come back through a refreshing film with an out-of-the-box approach and unique treatment which is seldom seen in Tamil films these days. Tipped to be a experimental film with the catchy tagline – A film with no story, KTVI is all about cinema within cinema and how tedious it has become today to formulate new age films in this mainstream commercial Tamil Cinema.

The story is pretty simple and it is all about four youngsters and a failed assistant director struggling to find a good producer to make their first feature film which should be eccentric and at the same time appealing to all the classes of the audiences. In a state of great confusion that they go through everytime with many people around them, will they ever be able to make their entry to tamil cinema or not is all about KTVI deals with.

It is director Parthiban’s one man show that keeps you thoroughly engaged with his virtual presence in every frame and keeping it enjoyable right from the start to the finish with his smart paperwork. Director Parthiban is very clear about his screenplay and executes it very neatly and smoothly without much of a confusion. The tongue-in-cheek dialogues laced with humour quotient and his word play in some scenes makes it interesting and some maybe very hilarious. On the other hand, he has brilliantly displayed the romance between the lead actors in a very aesthetic manner and the possibilities that ought to occur in a situation. By understanding the audience’s pulses today for a tamil movies, he carves many sardonic moments for the audience who are watching the film which is commendable. The first half of the film is greatly presented with the minuscule inside detailing about the filmmaker and audience mutual understanding and on the other hand it is only in the second half, the film with central plot which starts to take centrestage.

The entire film is carried away on shoulders by Thambi Ramiah. He comes as the failed assistant director with two wives who helps these youngsters to make a film. He steals the show with his unblemished performance and wacky chitter-chatter. As the film has a whole lot of new faces, everybody has given their best in acting. The hero Santhosh Prathap is okay while it is the heroine Akhila Kishore who gives a thumping performance as the brave and ferocious lover and housewife. Arya, Amala Paul, Vijay Sethupathi, Vishal, Taapsee have done cameos perfectly near flawlessness particularly Amala and Arya who are integral part of the second half of the plotline. Technically, the film has nothing to rave about, the editing done by Sudharshan is noteworthy for the kind of new template this film follows. Music has no much value to the film though Sathya’s BG works at some places and Rajarathinam does a decent job with camera.

KTVI is something that purely relies on Parthiban’s fine and appealing scriptwork and again proved that script is the real hero no matter who acts in it. He is always known for his unqiue story-telling and he continues to try something different from the beaten path. The second half starts to lose some pace and with some close flaws and audience might tend to become restless as the seriousness begins to creep in with an abrupt end but otherwise, the film has a good theme to offer which relates to the current real life cinema and their hardships. Nobody knows what happens next and that is exactly what director Parthiban has implemented with grace and has tried to convey that a probability of life is 50-50 in a fairly decent making of this film.

On the whole KTVI is an innovative stuff from director Parthiban which is fairly decent to entertain you for its unique treatment.

My Rating – 3/5