After pleasing the theatregoers & critics through “Kumki” and “Ivan Vera Maathiri”, Vikram Prabhu is back to screens with “Arima Nambi” – a well packaged, serious edge-of- the-seat thriller with enough twists and turns. A film that keeps you hooked in fair amounts. Arima Nambi which is directed by debutant Anand Shankar(a former associate of director A.R.Murugadoss) has Priya Anand doing the female lead with Kalaipuli Thanu producing it. ‘Drums’ Sivamani makes his debut as music composer in this film and has top notch cinematography done by R. D. Rajasekhar.

Arima Nambi has a fine presumption of all the events that happen which interlocks, to further what it becomes a taut thriller. Well, the film starts at a ‘Rock Hard’ Cafe pub where Vikram Prabhu and his friends are having a gala time and there he sees Priya Anand. He instantly falls for her beauty and then they go for a date the next day. While they return back to Priya’s house the same night, she gets kidnapped by some unknown hooligans. Vikram tries hard to save her by contacting the police, but he is been decepted that no such incident did happen. But somehow, he gets closer to the abductors and there he realizes that he is been hauled to a much larger issue involving central minister. But by then events start taking unexpected turns by the moment. An accident, a few gunshots, a heart stopping incident, a few goons, and a girl all alone in the middle of nowhere leave us bewildered. As the life of Vikram Prabhu and Priya Anand is in danger, they plan to fight it out and accost the villain to the nation. Do they achieve it or not forms the rest of the story.

Its very evident that debutant Anand Shankar is from director A.R.Murugadoss’s clan. He has made painstaking efforts to make his scriptwork do the talking more than anything else. The characterization, the screenplay and his attention towards technical respects are too good. The concept of putting different events together as a whole, laced it to suit local tastes and served it with the right mix, which makes it a good entertainer. Sublime job by him. While The 1st half of the film is very gripping and implements it in style, the 2nd half is all about the cat and mouse game between the hero and the villain which has its moments with some lags but the climax comes to the rescue albeit predictable.

Vikram Prabhu who impressed us with his realistic performance in Kumki and a typical boy-next-door at heart with urban setting in Ivan Vera Maathri has once again amazed with his subtle performance and has emerged as a full feldged action hero through this film. Priya Anand has an amiable screen presence and she gets a meaty role again which has great value in most of the sequences. One of her best films to have come out. The chemistry between them is appealing otherwise very generic. M.S.Bhaskar is brilliant and gives bright performance in a brief role. Rest of the supporting cast have done their justice very well which are likeable surprises and do not wish to give away the spoilers.

From the technical angles, the film has a rich and captivating feel from the 1st frame of the song Yaaro Yaar Aval to the last frame of the beach scene. The man behind the lens – cinematography by R. D. Rajasekhar is 1st class and he makes his mark in all the stunt sequences. Songs by ‘Drums’ Sivamani is a big snore but he uses the opportunity to give some good Background score in the tense situations of the film. The sound effects are terrific at certain places of the film. The song Idhayam is beautifully picturized but acts as a speed braker. Stunt scenes staged by Dhilip are spot on. Editing by Bhuvan is good and he could have used his scissors a bit better in 2nd half for some of the dull moments the film goes through in the middle.

All said, on the other side, the film has a couple of logics that goes for a toss, needless songs need to be trimmed to make it more tighter and more engaging.

Regardless, to conclude, Arima Nambi is an exceptional debut for director Anand Shankar. A stylish action thriller that is entertaining and engrossing. Even though the movie has its share of ups and downs, Arima Nambi is beautifully controlled and scripted with a sense of stillness.

A faily engaging slick thriller thats worth a watch!  

My Rating : 3.25/5