Remakes of classic hindi movies have been a plague in south cinema for far too long. And in today’s tamil cinema, we hardly get to see much of women centric films being made. In reply to that we see – “Nee Enge En Anbe” from Sekhar Kammula which seems a faithful remake of the cult film – “Kahaani”. While the original edition had an element of authenticity to a larger extent, the Tamil work takes very little beating here because somehow director Sekhar has handled this thriller to suit our audience tastes. The film is a bilingual and has been simultaneously made in Tamil and Telugu languages. While this is Nayanthara’s 4th outing in tamil since her comeback last year, she proves time and again that she is unstoppable and substantiates her reason to accept this ‘particular’ women centric movie.

Story of Nee Enge En Anbe : The story of Nee Enge En Anbe revolves around Anaamika (Nayanthara) who comes from US and reaches Hyderabad to stay in a lodge in search of her husband (Ajay) who went missing wthout any notice. She seeks help from the honest police officer – Vaibhav who helps her to search her husband and then after sometime encounter specialist – Pasupathy takes over the case as the case involves terror angle and a home minister who is invloved in the crime. What happened to Ajay? Does she find her husband in the end? These are answered as the film progresses towards the climax.

Direction : Sekhar Kammula – Contrary to his light-hearted telugu films in the past , he has stepped out of his comfort zone and for once has tried to give us something partly interesting.
He may not have succeeded cent percent in his attempt, but he makes us take notice of his potential and talent to innovate with his story. Director Sekhar has made sure that he does not copy frame by frame from Kahanaai and makes challenging changes to the key elements of the original film to give a new feel throughout. Unlike Vidya Bagchi, Anaamika is not pregnant & Kammula, who has written the script along with Sai Prasad, gives a climatic twist which is completely different from Ghosh’s.

The film belongs to Nayanthara truly. She delivers yet another solid punch to the character. At first, she is vulnerable & brave-hearted next.
She carries the role with aplomb. Like her contemporary Vidya Balan, she does really put in a convincing performance with much of an ease and beautifully shows off the nuances and manages to show the mental stress that her character goes through. Vaibhav is aptly cast as a friendly police officer and Pasupathy inspite doing his part well, his needless anguish is overboard at certain places. His character lacked the power and intensity as compared to original. The other supporting characters such as the hotel manager, the room boy and the killer Bob put in some good performances and are likeable.

The technical aspects of the film is just fine, nothing really to boast of. Keeravani leaves his master stroke with the background score and music which elevates the thrills and suspense of the film. Cinematography by Vijay C Kumar is perfect and editing by Martand C Venkatesh could have been crispier in the 1st half.

The 1st half is a bit slow and fails to keep you engaged much but as soon as we move onto the second half, the film picks up some momentum to instill some thrills. The much needed impactful climax like in Kahaani is clearly missing in this film. Dialogues have been powerful which is a major plus for the film. Like the dialogues between Nayanthara and Pasupathy in the police station is commendable. But hang on, the film features too many telugu dialogues without any subtitles which will irk the tamil viewers, but thankfully the theatre I watched played english subtitles throughout the film which helped me understand them. The lip sync of characters at times go awry, some logical loopholes here and there visible which director Sekhar Kammula could have payed attention and seen these small details but thats all fine and these flaws are to be forgotten easily.

Its really unfair to compare “Nee Enge En Anbe” with “Kahaani” due to the way Director Sekhar and Co. have worked hard to show some original touches but the nativity and relevance is a fleck missing. The problem with Nee Enge En Anbe as a whole product is the humongous intensity, tension and suspense-twists of Kahaani which was there, is absent in this film to some extent.

All said and done, Nee Enge En Anbe may not be a solid remake, but still works as a one time watchable thriller and could offer 140 minutes of engrossing story-telling to all those who have not seen the original. Watchout for one of the best stellar career performance from Nayanthara & vibrating theme and music.