UTV Motion Pictures and Vishal Film Factory can take the pride that they have produced Naan Sigappu Manithan (U/A) , a quality revenge story that leaves you in a state of satisfaction when the end credit rolls. NSM is a good structured revenge thriller within the commercial format that boasts of an interesting concept with a lot of possibilities.
It has very few dull moments and is consistently entertaining to be more precise. The film which has Vishal and Lakshmi Menon in the lead has music composed by G.V.Prakash, cinematography by Richard Nathan and editing handled by Ruben.

Story of NSM : Well, the film sets the stage for a very easy to feel and conventional thriller. The story is all about Indran (Vishal) who suffers from a neurological disorder called – Narcolepsy who falls asleep under any extreme emotions. Vishal, in his personal diary has his 10 specific desires to be fulfilled in life. His mother – Saranya Ponvannan and his friends Jagan and Sunder Ramu are there to help him achieve what he wishes. One fine day, on an interesting incident, Vishal meets Meera (Lakshmi Menon) – daughter of a business man (Jayaprakash) and slowly both fall in love with each other. When life seems to go on a straight track for Vishal, in comes a thud in the form of Lakshmi Menon’s scripted brutal attack and the unhappy turn of events from that particular point which leads and culminates into a riveting climax in the end.

Director Thiru seems to be one such director who knows the art of crafting an entertaining thriller. He not only manages to create intrigue right before the interval block but also solves the mystery he has created in a feasible manner. He conveys things through low-key, simple sequences rather than loud, cinematic actions and this makes the proceedings believable and realistic. Each character stands out important and more effectively and seems well etched by the director. Of course there are certain scenes that need parental guidance but director Thiru has handled the sensitive storyline without depicting obscenity in any extreme and has not sacrificed any sort of logic or cohesiveness in his aim to entertain. He puts his stamp on several scenes but not in a way that overwhelms the film itself.

The 1st half is packed with some light moments with Jegan’s comedy and romance going between Vishal & Lakshmi Menon that looks peculiar and far better than their previous Pandiyanaadu. And as and when we move on from the savage interval block, the movie picks up pace with the revenge taking part forming the interesting part with good amount of twists-turns consisting of a practical and shocking sub plot.

The role of Indran fits Vishal like a glove. The entire movie rests on his shoulders of the character played by Vishal in basic. Vishal gives a solid performance as a Narcolepsy affected victim but credit for that actually goes to Thiru for fashioning a character that plays on his strengths that he delivers. His camaraderie with his family feels natural and he is intense as required when driven to get to the bottom of things. The movie pretty much revolves around him and so few others in the cast make an impression. Lakshmi Menon looks simple and pretty. She shows some spunk in the romance with her mature and bold acting (though the lip lock scene is a bit diluted) and looks very cute too. One has to applaud her brave step to accept the role of Meera at this age. Kudos to her! The romance between the lead pair is pleasant and proceeds without altering/going out of place but the film proves that the situation and the picturization do have an impact on how the violence comes across. The sequence just before the intermission is relentless, bloody and sustained.
On the other side, Jegan, Sunder Ramu, Saranya Ponvannan, Iniya, Jayaparakash and the villains do their roles near perfection.
The movie is not much populated with too many characters and hence our attention towards the film doesn’t deviate even a bit.

Director Thiru couldn’t have asked more, from a purely technical perspective music by G.V.Prakash with his enthralling dreamy music makes a mark, taken along with the movie – ‘Penne Oh Penne’ and ‘Idhayam’ take the take top honors in picturization. Rest of the songs though good doesn’t really fit in.
The background score is suitably outstanding and does overwhelm the proceedings in the film. The man behind the lens Richard Nathan creates the narcoleptic atmosphere that the movie deserves and the innovative camera angles are good (like at the start where we are introduced to all the characters) and be it the songs or emotional scenes that catch our eye and adds gloss to the picturization. Editing by Ruben is super sharp and clear. Vasukhi’s costumes are cool and trendy. The stunts and rough action sequences are well-staged, intense and convincing even if Vishal is made to look like a superhero swatting down the bad guys towards the end.

Naan Sigappu Manithan is an engrossing film executed in style without any bargain , can be considered as one of the most spellbinding films in recent times. And as far as Vishal and Director Thiru are concerned, its another step ahead in their careers. Although Naan Sigappu Manithan reinvents the staple formula, it yet stands out for its sheer style, speed and bold story-telling methods. Vishal sleeps in the film but you are compeled to stay awake with your eyes wide open right from the word go till the last frame. A definite summer treat for those who love thrillers!

MY RATING – 3.5/5