Vasan Visual Ventures who earlier took up ‘Naan Kaduval’ & ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’, have produced ‘Nimirnthu Nil’, a different type of entertainer with a social message. It is a film within the commercial format but does not pander to mass masala completely. The movie which is directed by Samuthirakani has joined with Jayam Ravi & Amala Paul for 1st time and music composed by G.V.Prakash. With Jayam Ravi recently taking up challenging roles from time to time, Nimirnthu Nil turns out to be a decent urban commercial movie which stresses upon corruption and moral values.

Story of Nimirnthu Nil : Jayam Ravi is a well educated guy who has been brought up in an ashram in such an atmosphere where he is been taught only good moral values and how well a person should be disciplined and sincere, basically a stickler for rules that even the slightest deviation from the law or duty by others sends him into paroxysms of rage. After an unfortunate incident, he realizes a corrupt government system prevalent in the society and hence he is very determined to alter this political system by taking the law into his hands and wants to confront the criminals with the help of Soori, Sarathkumar, Amala, Gopinath and many. Now how he goes about reaching his goals and succeeds forms the rest of the story which is highly predictable and one of the the most tried and tested genre in Tamil Cinema. 

Director Samuthirakani who earlier did rural backdrops has touched upon a common theme which director Shankar usually does. Nimirnthu Nil’s story / theme is neither fresh nor unique – the underlying aspect of movies where the protagonist pursues his own path, that is not entirely lawful, in order to rid society of corruption. Perhaps because the subject of corruption is something we are familiar with and weary of, movies like this, that deal with its elimination, entertain us by virtue of giving us a hero and a cause to cheer about and Nimirnthu Nil ain’t the best movie with a potent message to be said atleast. Samuthirakani gives us a very promising racy 1st half with powerful meaningful dialogues and then wonder what goes wrong, he fails to impress wherein the post interval session becomes mediocre with bad execution, needless songs and deviates from the core plot for a while which is a big let down.

Talking about the hero, Jayam Ravi after daring dual roles in Aadhi Bhagavan, has once again accomplished his dual roles as Aravindan Sivasamy and Narasimha Reddy convincingly and more near perfection, he gets enormous scope to perform in a commercial film. He has given his best again with his charm, anger and smartness. Jayam Ravi performs with the seriousness it deserves. Both roles more befitting his age and, therefore more easy to accept him in. Amala Paul as Poomari is starling and her character is casual, open and frank and this makes the romance between Ravi and her a little interesting. But the affair is otherwise very generic with every film. Amala’s comic interludes are a pleasant surprise with Soori. And Soori with his typical tactics to impress with one liners has worked well and after Pandiyanadu, a more effective and an important role which he did complete justice. Ragini comes in for few minutes has little to do as the movie proceeds.

On the other hand it is Gopinath’s role as Tv news anchor which was a cakewalk for him. He has neither overplayed nor underplayed and did it perfectly. Sarathkumar and Subbu Panchu who come in their brief roles are fine and suited the character well. The supporting cast such as the villains(corrupt officials) and other small stars chipped in finely and were adequate.

Technically, the movie looked a bit plain – weak, G.V.Prakash’s music is average and a big snore though his background score is a fleck appealing. The Gaana Bala song ‘Dont worry be happy’ is the only pick of the lot which is well captured and choreographed but obviously dampens the pace of the narration. Cinematography is quite good but editing could have been far better in 2nd half, VFX very poorly utilized in the 2nd half looked absolutely artificial / fake which leaves a lot to be desired. Even Aadhi Bhagavan had better VFX and seemed much better to be noted.

To sum it up, had director Samuthirakani gone for a strong new treatment, the movie would have done wonders for many. Too many loose ends in 2nd half with many multiple characters popping out as the proceedings go ahead, it becomes a bit boring, tedious and draggy given the length of the film.

Overall the only worthy underlining aspect about Nimirnthu Nil is that it can be watched for the laudable performances by Jayam Ravi and Gopinath, Bold Dialogues are vintage – Samuthirakani – completely down-to-earth, sharp and managing to convey a message (though told umpteen number of times in many tamil films) without sounding very dogmatic.

My Rating – 2.75/5