Thirukumaran Entertainments C.V.Kumar and co – presented by Vel Mediaa’s – Thegidi starring Ashok Selvan and Janani Iyer directed by debutant P.Ramesh is a well made, reveting and an edge of the seat thriller with good amount of suspense laced with right twists-turns. Thegidi meaning deception/fraud is a story of the deception game that takes time for the tension to build up, ends up in a thrilling fashion which is highly intriguing.

Story of Thegidi (You can skip reading if you haven’t watched the movie) : Ashok Selvan after studying criminology goes to Chennai. He has been hired by a private detective agency and he is been given assignments. There is one rule for this detective – he should not, in any situation, approach his subject directly. But things don’t happen right for Ashok and falls in love with Janani instantly who happens to be one of his subjects in the case dealing. As things go smoothly, he notices that his subjects die one after the other and he is knowledgeable enough to learn that the next victim would be Janani. How Ashok comes out of this huge mess & who is responsible? Do watch the movie!

Debutant P.Ramesh who is known as a short filmmaker has come out with a solid script through Thegidi. Interesting premise with director Ramesh keeping it tight with a crisp running time of just 2 hours, the movie keeps you hooked right from the pre interval scene till the end climax. He has cleverly written and defined each of the characters and conveyed everything clearly what he wanted to. Hats off to Ramesh who made his debut on an impressive note for his refreshing concept and neat execution.

Ashok Selvan (Vetri) as a detective carries the film on his shoulders in a very subtle manner and looked charming. Being his 3rd film, he has managed to improve in his acting and body language. Janani Iyer (Madhoo) co – incidentlly her 3rd film too, as the girl next door looks cute and beautiful in an important role given her limited screen space. Her chemistry with Ashok is crackling and refreshing. Apart from them, Jayaprakash plays the role of a police officer. He is as usual as casual in the role of a cop. Some dialogues of his were real good. The supporting cast fit in the bill correctly and did their roles perfectly and are likeable.

Another highlight of the film is music by debutant Nivas K Prasanna who comes out with outstanding melodies like “Yaar Ezhuthiyatho” and “Vinmeen Vithayil” which is very soothing and hummable. His BGM is one of the major reasons to elevate the mood of the film and its terrific! Cinematography, Editing and all the technical aspects of the film is very well in sync of the movie narration.

Having said all this, on a lighter vein, the downsides were the love portions of Ashok Selvan and Janani Iyer which looked a bit draggy in the 1st half, 2nd half slightly with a predictable climax and the most important point to be noted here is that there is a Pizza 1 / Pizza 2 like post-climatic twist that leaves the film an open-ended mystery for a sequel which seemed a bit forced.

Nevertheless, Thegidi is an earnest effort for a gripping crime thriller with an authentic plot & a taut screenplay. There are adequate twists and turns in the narration to make the audience engrossed in the enterprise. Don’t miss this movie in theatres, its worth a watch.

My Rating : 3.25/5