Yash Raj Films is venturing into South (tamil and telugu) through the film – “Aaha Kalyanam” an official remake of the superhit hindi flick “Band Baaja Baaraat” is directed by debutant Gokul Krishna. Well we have seen some tamil films based on weddings but perhaps Aaha Kalyanam for the first time throws light on the profession of wedding planning and wedding planners in specific.

The story of Aaha Kalyanam is pretty simple, two friends – Nani and Vaani kapoor plan to start their own business of wedding planning in partnership after they walk out from the company of a leading wedding planner – Simran. Making humble beginnings, they graduate to bigger weddings and soon, their company – Getti Melam, becomes a name to reckon with. Unfortunately, after a success party, they both get physical and think to split. Do they reutnite again or not follows the rest of the story.

Even though the direction is done by Gokul Krishna, the story belongs to Maneesh Sharma (hindi original). Lets talk about Gokul Krishna alone for now. The narration of the light and entertaining scenes are good but looks like its lost in translation, the connection is far from nativity. As far as the plot and screenplay (Habib Faizal’s) are concerned, it is a bit of a letdown atleast for our tamil audience I felt. Gokul Krishna could have reworked on certain aspects rather than just copying scene by scene from BBB. Poor dialogues and characters’s energy of Nani and Vaani looked bankrupt at certain places.
Aaha Kalyanam has a promising first half with great songs and fun elements but the post-interval 2nd half portion where ego clashes & reunion happen which is very predictable doesn’t live up to it and disappoints. This film is a failed effort from Gokul to dish out youth orientation and romance instead of the content.

After Veppam and Naan Ee, a wayward boy, Nani as Shakthi has given a noteworthy performance in Aaha Kalyanam which he impresses with his witty one liners and comedy timings. The problem now here is that his tamil accent sounds very wierd and the lip sync goes for a toss in some places. Talking about the heroine, being a debutante, Vaani Kapoor as Shruti is the actual show stealer with her classy performances. Again the lip sync is a worry. She flaunts her self and looks absolutely stunning and fabulous in her outfits. The chemistry between them works big time. The supporting cast such as Simran, Badava Gopi etc. did a fine job.

In the technical front, it has some great production values. Music by Dharan needs a pat on his back who came out with fresh, peppy songs and upbeat background score which gives meaning to the film. Despite the effervescence, entire movie is overloaded with too many songs (7 tracks) which spoils the mood of film viewing and actually few really did suit the situation and drags the flow of narration. Art direction is praiseworthy and Loganathan Srinivasan has done a commendable work behind the lens with lighting, colors and the rich grandeur he has shown. Editing was good but could have been better in the 2nd half for the length and some dull moments.

Remakes are not an easy task anyday, it has to retain the original flavour but at the same time it has to connect well with the local audience as well. Aaha Kalyanam supposedly a tamil/telugu bilingual only offers us a feel of watching a bollywood movie being dubbed. The pace of the film is dead slow in 80% of the movie and entertains in parts only. And I really wonder, did Nani and Vaani really justify their roles?

Overall, its not ‘Aaha’ Kalyanam, its just Kalyanam(Not a grand marriage).

My rating : 2.5/5