After the successful film Arrambam some weeks ago, Thala Ajith is back with a bang with a great makeover in a complete rural mass entertainer – VEERAM! The film is directed by Siva who gave us Siruthai, produced by Bharathi Reddy, music composed by Devi Sree Prasad and cinematography by Vetri. How well this can work for you? Lets see..

Veeram plot is set in a rural backdrop which revolves around Ajith & his 4 brothers – Vidharth, Bala, Munish and Suhail. Ajith is determined to stay unmarried and look after his brothers. His brothers for their benefit compel Ajith to get married to Tammanah who comes to their village for a temple renovation project and take the help of Santhanam and Ramesh Khanna. Ajith and his brothers are highly violent – can be too hot to handle for the baddies and on the other hand Tammanah is a soft spoken and peace loving character. As and when they meet each other and realize that there is a difference of their nature, we get to see some complications arising for both Ajith & his brothers and Tamannah & her family who are prime targets for some group of enemies. Now how all these knots gets intertwined forms the crux of the story!

Director Siva has done a splendid work with his script. Veeram has all those commercial elements that is needed for a typical mass movie and neatly packaged with less loopholes. The romance portions between Ajith and Tamannah looks unexpectedly fabulous, Santhanam’s and Thambi Ramiah’s comedy is a big plus, the action sequences and the sentiments are too good. The powerful and sharp dialogues for Ajith Kumar, Pradeep Rawat and Atul Kulkarni are spot on! Though the core story lacks a bit of strength, the screenplay with effective knots does the trick for Veeram.

Ajith who is known to have played stylish anti hero roles with suits and coats for sometime recently gets a complete changeover after so many years where he plays a rural role cladding a ‘veshti’ and ‘sattai’ which is superb and very refreshing. Ajith Kumar looks charming as usual and more handsome in his salt and pepper look along with thick moustache in the 2nd half scenes. His screen presence is yet again excellent and delivers more than expected in this flick. His romance, the brother sentiments and his aggressive nature towards enemies and his stunt act in the train without a dupe are magnificent!! Kudos to this man who carried the film with ease.

The leading lady Tammannah has made a good come back in tamil with an interesting role through this movie where most of her screen presence gets noticed very well. She looks beautiful in the traditional saree outfit and her chemistry with Ajith is best to be noted in this film. Among the 4 brothers, it is Vidharth and Bala who score more. Santhanam was one among the major positives, he brings the roof down with his one liners. Pradeep Rawat and Atul Kulkarni were at their best as villains and did justice. Nassar, Thambi Ramiah, Appukutty and others also did well.

Technically, the cinematography was good and sets the mood of being in a rural area with good camera work. Editing was good in the 1st half, 2nd half could have been more crispier yet the tempo of the movie didn’t go down anywhere. Music by Devi Sree Parasad is one huge negative of the film. Except ‘Nallavannu Solvaanga’, rest of the songs are simply speed breakers and slow down the pace of the film at most places. But his BGM elevates the flavour of the film to another level. The art direction needs a special mention, each set erected looks real and gives a aesthetic feeling. Stunt Silva has done a tremendous job, each stunt sequence were terrific and mind blowing.

All in all, barring some logical loopholes, Veeram is an out and out mass family entertainer that was much needed for Thala Ajith. Veeram has all the correct ingredients with right mix of heroism, comedy, romance, action and sentiments. Best bet this Pongal to watch out with your friends and family. Veeram justifies the title from the start to the end and specially made for Ajith fans and who expect a good masala movie.

My Rating – 3.25/5