After the much controversial movie Thalaivaa last year, Ilayathalapathy Vijay is back to what he used to do before Kavalan – mass entertainers, and what better time to unveil a mass entertainer than Pongal festival. Jilla which is directed by R.T.Neason, produced by R.B.Choudary and music composed by D.imman is an absolute mass commercial potboiler that revolves around Mohan Lal & his son Vijay in the Madurai city.

Story : Jilla narrates us that Mohan Lal is a big don guy in Madurai. He brings up Vijay in his house after his father is killed in an incident at a very young age. Vijay thereafter starts hating cops and the Khaki uniforms worn by people. Mohan Lal faces problems and wants to keep continuing his illegal work along with his crimes to go unnoticed and hence compels Vijay to join the Police form to keep everything under their control. What happens next? Here comes a small twist in the tale which is highly predictable once you move away from the 1st half. Watch the movie!

Director R.T.Neason has done a decent job in directing two lead stars like Vijay & Mohan Lal to come up with dashing performances and made sure these two central characters gets equal screen space and did maximum justice so that they stay in our mind. The director’s story is quite an old thing which we have seen in many tamil films in the past. And also the so called small “twists and turns” in the storyline makes very little impact & doesn’t create any amusement since they can be guessed very easily at the start. 1st half of the movie is really a joyride, especially for Vijay & Mohan Lal fans as they are introduced as the fun loving, mischievous guys in the city whereas the 2nd half deals with twists that occur which starts dragging with a long drawn out climax.

Vijay and Mohan Lal are the biggest core strengths for Jilla. Perfect casting and perfect roles tailor made creates a terrific on screen magic given their mass image specifically the complete actor – Mohan Lal. The entire movie works largely because of this combo who set the screen on fire with their powerful dialogue deliveries and an overdose of action sequences which clicks at places. The ‘Sivanum Sakthiyum’ peppy number picturized on them looks colorful and galvanizing. The scene where Vijay transforms from an impulsive guy to an honest cop & the scene where Mohan Lal challenges Vijay at the interval block gives you goosebumps and a great watching experience. Kudos to both!

Kajal Aggarwal is bubbly and gorgeous as always, plays Vijay’s love interest but unlike Thuppakki, in this film, she gets little to perform with her screen presence being less. Soori’s comedy falls flat and some of his double meaning / repeated expressions might be boring. Rest of the star cast like Poornima as mother, Mahat as brother, Sampath Raj as the dangerous villain, Pradeep Rawat, Niveda Thomas fit the bill properly and did their best given their limited roles.

Music : It is D.Imman’s amazing form that gives meaning to the film. His songs & BGM is one of the major highlights and noteworthy. The ‘Kandhaangi’ and the opening song were shot excellently but ultimately hampers the flow of the narration with other best songs wasted on screen with poor visuals throughout the movie.

Stunt sequences by Silva is spot on for some massy stunt sequences, the cinematography is too good but equally gets spoiled by VFX departement. Editing too could have been far better. With almost 3 hours, it is quite natural that the general audience might tend to lose interest slowly when one comes to know the climax well before.

To sum it up, the big isuue is that Jilla is a lengthy film with a predictable climax, overdose of action and less of comedy and romance and  Jilla is NOT for people who don’t prefer Masala capers of any type and expect something new. Of course Jilla provides us with some mass and sentimental moments, but the script is not as powerful as expected. Jilla is an out and out mass movie by Neason strictly made for Vijay fans and Mohan Lal fans and definietly who can leave their brains at home. It leaves a bit of smile on your face but the end product does not satisfy you completely and might not appeal to all classes of the audience.

My Rating : 2.75/5