After a string of unavoidable clinkers from Karthi in the past some months, he is back with Biriyani – a suspense action thriller which turned out to be finely cooked food recipe which leaves you satisfied and enjoyable. Venkat Prabhu with his last mega blockbuster Mankatha has joined with Karthi and Hansika for the 1st time and also happens to be Yuvan Shankar Raja’s proud 100th movie. It has other star cast – Premgi Amaren, Subbu Panchu, Sampath Raj, Ramki, Nasser and others in crucial roles. The movie is produced by Studio Green, cinematography is by Sakthi Saravannan, editing by Praveen-Srikanth. How well it meets yours expectations, lets see.

Story of Biriyani : Karthi is a young womaniser who can woo girls with his handsome looks and charming face. He and his childhood friend Premgi Amaren along with his bunch of other close buddies work in a tractor company and eventually gets into the good books of an industrialist Nasser. One fine night, after returning from Nasser’s big party, Karthi craves for a Biriyani and ends up meeting a seductress Mandy. Karthi falls for Mandy’s seducing beauty and decides to accompany her along with Premgi to have a fun night. After getting drunk, a twist in the proceedings, Karthi wakes up in the morning to see Mandy disappeared from the room and he is been trapped in a murder case. Now how Karthi saves himself and what he does to come out of this huge mess forms the crux of the story.

Director Venkat Prabhu who is known for his induction of humour even in serious situations finds its place in Biriyani as well which is spreaded throughout the movie. The one liners from Karthi and Premgi, the whacky dialogues are good. Venkat Prabhu has taken good efforts again in writing the screenplay well but with a slight feeble storyline. The 1st half is full of fun and comedy between Karthi and Premgi and story takes time to take off until the interval block with a small twist.As we move on to the 2nd half, it becomes serious but inspite the slight drag here and there, screenplay keeps you well engaged and makes sure it is gripping till the very end to know the suspense. Kudos to Venkat Prabhu!

Karthi as Sugan has performed neatly and has a good screen presence. His flirting and being a womaniser is interesting. His costumes by Vasuki and a small makeover has definitely worked on screen. Hansika as Priyanka is Karthi’s girlfriend, she is an absolute blink and miss, she doesn’t have much of any scope. Premgi Amaren who is a regular in Venkat’s movies is fun to watch and impresses with his witty one liners. With such an ensemble star cast like Premgi, Ramki, Nasser, Sampath, Nitin Sathya, Jaya Parakash each small charachter stands out big including the cameos (Uma Riaz, Jai, Sam Anderson, Vijayalakshmi etc.), thanks to director Venakt Prabhu.

Technically, cinematography by Sakthi Saravannan is cool. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is a big asset to this movie, his prestigious 100th film and he has managed to deliver that was needed but tough to say it will appeal to all. Nah Nah and Pom Pom has some good visuals. Mississippi is a scream that everyone would have waited for as said by Karthi in the film itself. His BGM was sufficiently okay. Stunts by Silva (His 100th film too) is worth mentioning. But it was editors Praveen-Srikanth who are the major backbone that made it look stylish and racier with the narration.

Biriyani faces the only wrath of having a fragile storyline, few logical loopholes kind of feel but the director has made sure the screenplay overtakes these weaknesses through lot of twists especially in the climax where everything unfolds slowly(Though which is a bit confusing).
Overall, Biriyani is a finely cooked & properly served food recipe which satisfies. It is fresh, funky and entertaining but I wonder if it can be watched with your family. It is indeed Karthi’s comeback film, no denying that. Still could have been a lot better had it had more tastier, spicier and yummier ingredients to it but regardless you can taste this once atleast.

MY RATING – 3.25/5