Vishal is back again to screens this year after Samar & Pattathu Yaanai with PandiyaNaadu. This is his first film with director Suseenthiran, after an honest attempt – Aadhal Kadhal Seiveer earlier this year, Susee comes up with a commercial film, knowing the fact what Suseenthiran is capable of his strengths, hopes were high on this dark horse which is produced by Vishal himself, cinematography by Madhie, music by D.Imman and Editing by Anthony.

Story of PandiyaNaadu : PandiyaNaadu is no raw action film nor Madurai rustic masala potboiler. PandiyaNaadu is a story of Madurai’s big leaguer’s death which leads to the clashes between two mafia gangs led by Sharath Lohitashwa and Soma Sundaram to attain the throne. Now their activities starts putting trouble on Vishal’s family. Vishal is a happy and submissive guy working in a mobile service centre who falls in love with a school teacher Lakshmi Menon at first sight. He is very close to his whole family and his friends – Soori and Vikranth. Things start to take a turn when Vishal’s brother lands in trouble, and Vishal & his father – BharathiRaja try hard to eliminate the mafia gang leader from this world as soon as possible with their own seperate plans. Are they able to execute it or not? Watch the film!

Director Suseenthiran is known for his action thrillers and Pandiya Naadu is no different, but he has also taken the efforts to show the family bonding and emotions equally on the flip side without any cliches. Director Suseenthiran has made an impressive narration in this film which has family sentiments, love and violence in right proportions. Even though the 1st half is a smooth and ordinary narration from him, he has managed to come up with an engaging screenplay which stars right before the interval block and stays till the very end. He has also come up with a simple climax which was unique but I felt could have been better. Anyway kudos to him!

Vishal has got a very interesting role wherein he had to shed his mass image / heroisms and his hands on comedy which worked very well for this film. Much needed role for him after a long time. Excellent performance after Avan Ivan for this meaty role.

Vikranth is a surprise who has got lot of talent inside has pulled off his role nicely. Wish his cameo role was called as an important role for this film. We wish to see him more actually!!

Lakshmi Menon doesn’t have much work to do except to dance for a song but her little comical romance with Vishal is good. Soori comes as a relief with his witty one liners. Director Bharathiraja has done a fantastic role in this movie, his emotions, his subtle on screen performance goes beyond our imaginations. He is the best of the star cast. It is also Sharath Lohitashwa who perfectly fit the role of a baddie. It definitely creates a hatred towards this guy in the middle of the movie. Great star cast selection!! Fantabalous!

D.Imman’s songs [already being a HIT] and background score were satisfying and relates to the situations aptly and synchs well with the story except Fy Fy song which was forcibly placed in the 2nd half.

Madhie’s cinematography is 100% top class specificaly in the 2nd half and has given his best to give the feel and mood of Madurai city instantly.
Editing by Anthony was good and slick. Anal Arasu’s fight sequences are noteworthy, by understanding there is no scope for too much of heroisms and did his job on the optimum level for the required character.

On the whole PandiyaNaadu is a flawless commercial revenge story well written and executed by the director. It has comedy, drama, family sentiments, high on emotions and violence. Best bet this diwali to watch with friends and families!

My Rating – 3.5/5