After a poor outing with Billa 2, Thala Ajith is back to screens with his new class flick – ARRAMBAM with director Vishnuvardhan for an action thriller for the second time after their blockbuster Billa. Said to be one the most anticipated films of this year, movie is produced by A.M.Rathnam, Cinematography by Om Prakash and music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, Editing by Sreekar Prasad finally arrived with a huge bang!! With so much of intense hype for this Diwali flick, will it satisfy our sky high expectations and appeal to all classes of the audience? Lets see…

Story of Arrambam : The plot revolves around Ajith Kumar an honest cop and an anti-terrorist squad member in Mumbai comes to know about the scam of a faulty bullet proof Jackets provided to security forces by Atul Kulkarni – A police officer and Mahesh Manjerakar – Home minister. When they are confronted by Ajith, things start to happen worse for Ajith who doesn’t give up and plans to take revenge with the help of Arya – a computer hacker specialist along with Taapsee – a news TV reporter. Now how and why he plans for a revenge forms the crux of the story with interesting twists in the sub plots.

Director Vishnuvardhan who has always taken the efforts to show his films in stylish manners has once again worked hard to give the richness and quality of the film in a subtle manner. Vishnuvardhan understanding the fans’ pulses has combined the mass and class pathways laced with commercial ingredients to some extent. He hits the bull’s eye in his typical way of story telling!

Ajith Kumar is the biggest highlight who carries the film on his shoulders with his terrific on screen presence as the villain and the hero as if two sides of the same coin which is very fascinating. His powerful dialogue deliveries and strong personality built up on the film is sure to bring an uproar among his fans. Needless to say, the stunt sequences done by himself were mindblowing and flawless. He has once again proved that his charismatic presence is enough to set the mood of the film!! He completely rocked the show!

Arya who is the 2nd lead hero comes as the computer hacker specialist has done complete justice to the role. The creativity to show Arya as the fat guy in some of the portions of Arya and Taapsee were cute and adorable. His chemistry with Ajith and Taapsee works big time, no denying it. Thumbs Up for him too!

Nayanthara is another important character who comes throughout the film. She did her part absolutely well. Her sexy avatar and timely performances were excellent, fits the bill precisely! The good part is that there isn’t any seperate romantic scenes/songs between Nayanthara and Ajith which might have backfired but didn’t happen so luckily.

Whereas Taapsee comes as a TV news reporter, her role is bubbly and energetic, doesnt get much scope to perform but did her part well.
Other star casts like Kishore, Atul, Rana Dagubatti’s extended cameo, Suman Ranganathan, and Mahesh did their roles perfectly and gave their best and were impressive.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are another major backbone with the intro song – Adada Aarambame which makes you scream and dance, on the other hand – Its Yen Fuse Pochu and Melela Vedikudhu which is soothing to see and hear – Visual treat due to extraordinary picturizations.Hare Rama Hare Krishna song has been removed. Though everything looks alright, they were not needed due to the tempo at which movie travels. Yuvan’s BGM is a huge disappointment, the mood of the film never elavates and keeps you down at most of the places. Could never match up to the standards of Mankatha or Billa 2.

Cinematography by Om Prakash is stunning, the idea to maintain a specific bluish tone color throughout the film suits the backdrop of the story perfectly. Frame by frame, scene by scene, each character stands out big the way it has come out. Kudos to him! Brilliant work from him. Editing by Sreekar Prasad inspite being  amazing should have taken extra care for the sudden jumps from scene to scene in the 2nd half.

The movie from the 1st frame itself starts on a serious note and no lagging behind, right from the word go, the tempo of the film is maintained, kudos to both Vishnuvardhan and Subha who wrote and brought the output of the film in style with a social message which is convincing in an unique presentation.The costume design by Anu Vardhan were good for the lead star casts. The other highlights are the stunt sequences between Arya and Ajith, or be it the boat chase/the scene where Ajith tries to escape from Police Van – SIMPLY TOP NOTCH! Kudos to the team! On the downside, Vishnu and Subha could have avoided some logical loopholes,could have perhaps thought for a better treatment in the screenplay , the VFX works and the BGM could have been far better, but Thala Ajith makes you forget all these flaws. One man show army works on a different pitch for this film!

Verdict : An out and out mass apart class commercial film, an obvious Diwali treat for the audience. Enjoyable and will be one of its own kind for Thala Ajith. Watch out for Vishnu’s social message and Ajith’s charasmatic on screen presence!

My Rating : 3.25/5