After a successful double dhamaka with NANBAN and THUPPAKKI in 2012, Ilayathalapathy Vijay and A.L.Vijay have joined hands together for the 1st time in THALAIVAA – An action revenge Saga, one of the most anticipated films of 2013. Produced by Sri Mishri Productions, Cinematography by Nirav Shah and Music by G.V.Prakash. With so much of hype and hoopla surrounding the movie since 2 days back due to various reasons, did the movie live upto the expectations? Let us see…

Story of Thalaivaa : The movie starts off with the clashes between Maharashtrians and Tamilians staying in the slum areas of Mumbai which leads to the basic knot of the plot. Thalaivaa is a story of a dancer Vishwa(Vijay) in Australia who meets Meera(Amala) and her dad(Suresh). They soon fall in love with each other and plan to move to Mumbai to fix their marriage and they meet Vishwa’s father ‘Anna'(Sathyaraj). On meeting Anna, the truth and suspense of Vishwas family unravels gradually. Now how and why Vishwa turns into Thalaivaa(leader) in Mumbai follows the rest of the story.

Ilayathalapathy Vijay as Vishwa – the Tamizh Pasanga group dancer looks uber cool in the 1st half, does maintain the chemistry with Amala Paul and Santhanam excellently whereas on the other side Vijay looks comfortable and apt as Thalaiva [the mass image]with his thick moustache for the 2nd half portions which very well suits the charachter of a leader in Mumbai. Vijay’s charachter in Thalaivaa will remind you of many movies of Vijay from the past, and of course inspired from other movies as well. Vijay is effortless, plays two contrasting sides of Vishwa well[dance, dialogue deliveries, fight sequences and emotions]. Credits to director A.L.Vijay who yet again brought the best out of actor Vijay.

Amala Paul as Meera gets an important role in Thalaivaa. Without revealing much, she looks fresh and her dusky beauty on screen is amazing. Her chemistry with Vijay is too good. The interval block twist will surprise the audience definitely.

Santhanam has once again proved that he is the unbeatable comedian of this generation. His one liners and his combinational scenes with Vijay is fantastic. His comedy timing and punches brings the roof down and engaging. He is one among the major postives of the movie.

G.V.Prakash music : The songs were already a HIT among the audience where in “Yaar Indha Saalai Oram” and “Tami Pasanga” song picturization is top notch and crystal clear. Sol Sol song has been removed for unknown reasons. Vaangana Vanakangana song will make you dance. His BGM is mindblowing and Thalaivaa Thalaivaa song/theme BGM will give you plenty of goosebumbps if you are a Vijay fan.

Sathyaraj gets a powerful role, plays the role of Anna with ease and inspires Vijay to become a leader. Other co stars and supporting cast – Ponvannan, Manobala, Rajeev Pillai, Ragini and Abhimanyu etc. did their complete justice to their roles. No complaints about them.

Technically, movie is fantabalous, Nirav Shah’s cinematography needs a special mention here, his hardwork and clarity in showing the locations is clearly seen in each scene.Its pretty much rich. Editing by Anthony though looks good, could have been better in the 2nd half of the film. The color tones and the costumes have been excellent.

To sum it up, on the down side,
Director A.L.Vijay who is known to show his variety in each of his films, has once again done a film apt for the mass image that actor Vijay has.Although the screenplay/treatement of Thalaivaa is neither racy or impressive, the backdrop & the plot with good decent twists and suspense makes it a bit of engaging.
The major negative aspect of the movie is, everything is very much predictable as one must have thought while watching the trailer itself.
The screenplay in 1st half is breezy with fun, songs, comedy and lovely visuals but in turn to that, 2nd half starts dragging with poor execution, weaker screenplay makes it boring at certain instances given its 3+ hour duration. Needs a definite trimming!

Final Verdict: Thalaivaa is NOT strictly meant for Vijay fans but basically those who like watching class and mass movies. If you liked Thuppakki and expect this film to be bigger and better(pardon me for the comparison), then Thalaivaa isn’t the film you should be looking for. However, this film isn’t that bad because it has all commercial ingredients partially spreaded over the film but could have been better!