The story is all about a local young boy – Kundan[Dhanush] (basically from Tamil Nadu) in Benares falls in love with Zoya[Sonam] at first sight. That they’re both kids,so it makes us dismiss it as a meaningless crush. But a few years later, the boy-Kundan is still in love with the girl- Zoya.

When she’s in school, he follows her around holding her hand and getting slapped often. Despite behaving like roadside romeo, there’s something pulling him back. Finally, she agrees because of his “consistency”, but there’s more drama to follow. Yes, you might feel that this movie is yet another usual love story,but the story is bigger than their romance,has some interesting sub plots woven around this romance.

Zoya gets into Jawaharlal Nehru University, and through her, we are introduced to the idealistic and political culture of the place.
She discovers a long-lost strength as she confronts and then falls for student leader Akram[Abhay]. The film takes a turn when Zoya returns to her hometown after eight long years only to find some things changed, and others surprisingly the same, which you need to watch it on screen to know what follows the rest.

The first half, very colourful, Dhanush smashes everyone with his brilliant and splendid performances,the witty one liners, the dance, the expressions and emotions throughout, reaches the peak of our excitement level before the interval block .

Whereas, the second half, looks to be real happenings in the capital, has student leaders challenging the establishment, with the romance intertwined, often suffocated, somewhere in between, has some good twists – makes it dragging sometimes but climax ends with superb heart whelming Dhanushs’s ‘feel in pain’ dialogues we get to hear on screen.

The casting is a dream definitely. Dhanush is quite magical as Kundan – as vulnerable as he is. Sonam Kapoor is impressive, especially in the second half when her character comes into its own. Abhay Deol is superb.The film has some witty one liners for Dhanush and his dialogues and scenes will stay within you for sure. The supporting casts were fantastic, others were also very nice.

Beautiful cinematography, art direction, styling, editing are a treat to the audience. A R Rahman’s soulful music coupled with Irshad Kamil’s awesome words is one of the film’s solid strengths, gels with the flow of the story completely.

However, it is the captain of ship director Aanand L Rai’s (Tanu Weds Manu) triumph. You wonder which aspect interests you more. Yes, the romance is dealt with far more complexity than the student politics drama, but they’re both equally best sides to the story.
RAANJHANAA – A great bollywood debut for Dhanush, go watch this romantic cum political movie, you wont regret.

My rating – 3.25/5