Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru REVIEW

Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru REVIEW

*STORY : The story is very simple, its all about how Kumar(Siddharth) being an IT professional isn’t capable of handling girls/women due to his past bad experiences that he had to go through untill he falls in love with his office mate Sanjana(Hansika) and tries to impress her with the help of the Love Guru Mokia(Santhanam) by paying him excessive fees. Does he succeed in winning her heart or not follows the rest of the story.

*Sundar C who has given us great hits in the past does not fail here too, credits to his screenplays, comedies and all the commercial ingredients that he fits it properly. In TVSK, actually has hardly any shades of Sundar C’s due to urban story and story is based on an IT professional. Yet he has managed to write an intelligent screenplay and the presentation works the way the movie starts and ends superbly!

*Siddharth has often played the city guy in most of his movies(Tamil,Telugu,Hindi) but unlike his other films, in this movie he has a complete changeover – like an innocent lame boy(geek) which brings out his acting skills to his best. Does the role of Kumar aptly and tailor made for him for sure.

*Ganesh Venkatraman after playing the Punjabi guy in “Abhiyum Naanum” yet again gets a superb role equal to that of hero in the 1st half. Ganesh as George has performed splendidly with his serious and comic acts well balanced.

*Talking about Hansika, TVSK marks her 3rd consecutive comedy film in Tamil, and she loosk absolutely gorgeous and charming, trim and slims for her charachter,  Hansika as Sanjana is probably one of her best roles. She gets ample space throughout the film with Santhanam and co-actors. The film wouldn’t be half the film it is if it weren’t for the abundant charm and sheer screen presence of Hansika. Hansika’s lip sync is perfect, comedy timing is impeccable and she looks good.

*Santhanam as Mokia yet again proved to be the backbone of the movie with his one liners and his counter reaction wih great timing sense being the ultra USP of this film. Santhanam totally brings the roof down with laughter in each scene he appears. The scene where he sees Hansika in temple or the scene where he gets caught by the police and including the last scene where he reveals the plans that he made are the biggest highlights.

*Others like RJ Balaji, Bosskey, Devadarshini have also done well given their limited roles. Samantha and Vishal do cool cameos where Samantha’s was too cute and Vishal’s was a blink and miss. Khushboo does a small dance step when the end credit rolls for Thiruttu Pasanga song.

*Music by Satya inspite having good songs certainly slows down the pace of the film, but still its visually good and doesnt seem to be a major problem.

*Overall Sundar C has given a perfect comedy entertainer to enjoy, perfect casting and perfect presentation – the screenplay stands out to be the best. TVSK may not have a great storyline, but watching the film is worth every penny.If all you’re looking for is a relaxed time at the movies, then, this is Good Fun ride. Go with your buddies, and enjoy it!

My Rating : 3/5

By Praveen