Sakthi[Vishal] being a trek guide in Ooty (is in love with Roopa[Sunaina] and they break up due to misunderstandings) lands in Bangkok after he receives an apology letter from Roopa. On his way to Bangkok he meets Maya[Trisha] and they become friends. After series of strange incidents thats happening in Bangkok, he realises that his life is in danger. Now how Sakthi tackles all these follows the rest of the story with some interesting twists and turns!

*Director Thiru who made “Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai” successful with Vishal in the lead decided to work with him for the 2nd time as well. Samar was no less, Director Thiru has done a decent job with his smart screenplay and the concept used was something new to Tamil Cinema. The plot could have been better but the movie was engaging from the start till the end!

*Vishal who is showing variety in his recent films has wisely chosen SAMAR also. Vishal hits back strongly with this film after VEDI’s debacle. This will be one of his best films for him as an actor for sure.

*Talking about the heroines, both Trisha and Sunaina are pairing with Vishal for the 1st time.Sunaina’s role in this film is more like a cameo than so called role. Though the story revolves all around Sunaina its Trisha’s role that needs to be appreciated. After brief gap, Trisha gets an opportunity to peform as an actor in a commercial film.

*Villain roles played by Manoj Bajpai and J.D.Chakravarthy were supposed to be the strong characters but they fall short completely due to their irrelevant dialogues that didnt even synch a bit. Other roles played by Sampath Raj, Jayaprakash, Sriman and other foreign actors managed to pull it off with ease.

*Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja who gave peppy numbers in TVP could not repeat the same magic here except for ‘Azhago Azhagu’ and the visuals were stunning and minblowing. BGM done by “Podaa Podi” Music Director was also not upto the mark, could have been better. Songs were pure speed breakers and easily should hav been avoided at most places.

*The 1st half starts off pretty well with romance and the twists and turns makes it a tight gripping screenplay with questions and doubts among the audiences. Inspite of slight drag in 2nd half with songs, the flow of story is intriguing and keeps you guessing till the end. Last but not the least, its the cinematography, visuals, songs picturisation, stunts and the dialogues can be considered the biggest pluses of the film.

*PUBLIC OPINION(Inside the theatre):
-Felt like watching Thala Ajith’s Billa and Mankatha in one movie.
-Screenplay is superb,Dir.Thiru has proved us wrong with our assumptions that we had before watching the movie.
-Vishal’s best film till date, he has to do more these kind of films.
-Trisha has sizzled in all the scenes she appeared throughout the film.
-A must watch for all action thriller film lovers.
-Villains were seriously funny, they should have performed well.
-A bit difficult to see repeat audience due to the nature of screenplay.