*The story is all about how Kenny/Shivakumar(Vikram) who is a RAW Agent from Delhi seeks revenge on his close buddy Sharath(Jagapathy Babu) in a romantic cum suspense thriller!

*The movie starts on with a bomb blast in London followed by Sathyan’s(Santhanam) hilarious comedy scenes showing himself as a taxi driver in London. Shiva meets Sara(Amy Jackson) & Sathyan in London via some murder scenes. Shiva who was married to Meena(Anushka) gets into handle a terrorist case with Sharath who is also in the same Dept. Now how Shiva who meets with an accident along with his wife in London and how he takes revenge on the betrayers follows the rest of the story.

*A.L.Vijay once again proved he is a distinguishable director in Tamil Cinema. After having done 4 films with his success rate high, one has to admit that he is a capable of handling any genre of movie! A.L.Vijay who last directed Deiva Thirumgal tasted success and once again has done a good job here with very very less loopholes.

*Vikram is the man to be appreciated because his hardwork and dedication is clearly seen in all his movies esp in this movie where he plays the role of a blind man. Cannot compare this movie with KAASI at all!! After Rajapattai, this movie is certainly a compensation to his fans and others which is quite enjoyable one. Vikram is a true performer, for the 1st time in his career, he had worked really hard on his body to get the 6 packs right !!! That was a huge surprise to many of us. As compared to DTM/Rajapattai Vikram looks much fit, handsome and young in Thaandavam! :))

*Talking about the heroines, Anushka once again got such a good role after Deiva Thirumgal and she is pretty awesome in all the scenes. She can be called the next main character after Vikram in nthis movie. Amy Jackson seems to have improved on her acting but her role wasn’t that great. Lakshmi Rai does a small role but she comes at the right time during the twists and turns.

*Santhanam, as i mentioned in my preview, rather than saying roles, its the ‘Brand Name’ factor that makes pull the movie goers to theatres. Santhanam does the role of a taxi driver in London.(Remember Rajini as Auto Driver in Saguni? Great growth, isnt it? Just Kidding!) Even though his scenes are so funny(including the Thala dialogue) , i felt he could have done some more. He was given less screen space this time which i felt is missing but for this kind of movie, cant expect him to be in every scene.

*Jagapathy Babu has managed to do well both in acting and dubbing whereas Nassar, Saranya Ponvannan, M.S.Bhaskar and Thambi Ramaiah have done good justice to their roles.

*Music: G.V.Prakash who came up with good music/themes for movies like DTM, Mayakkam Ena failed here for Thaandavam! Songs visuals/picturisation is what saves and could have done better if music was good. BGM works are fine and 2 songs seemed to be speed breakers for the movie which could have been avoided.

*The 1st half as though many say its slow, I infact felt that the 1st half made me enjoy thoroughly and of course the 2nd half becomes interesting with some twists and flashbacks!!
The only MINUS POINT in the entire movie is the movie goes up and down in the screenplay Dept where the action/chasing sequences are so well edited and engaging whereas some romantic,village scenes moved slow.

-Chiyaan Vikram has rocked the entire movie from start to the end.
-Shocking to see him with 6 packs abs, hats-off to him!
-Santhanam’s role should have been extended but still he did well.
-A.L.Vijay has tried something different from his previous movies, magic works once again after DTM!
-This movie is not copied from any of the Hollywood flicks!!
-Movie is neither that great nor too bad, can be watched once for sure.
-Good story but the movie running time needs to be trimmed!
-Similar scene from Ghajini where heroine goes without proposing before dying, isnt it?

*FINAL VERDICT: Thaandavam is one such kind of movie which has all commercial elements(Comedy+Action+Sentiment+Suspense+Love) packed in a super action thriller with Love as the main theme in this movie.Can watch this movie with your friends and family. This movie will appeal to not only Chiyaan fans but also to others. Illayathalapathy Vijay and STR have given a thumbs up for this movie, so why waiting, go for it!

My Rating – 3/5